WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE:  The AZMCC is an Arizona based club dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of one of the greatest cars ever created, the Ford Mustang. If you own a Mustang, dream about owning a Mustang, owned a Mustang in the past, or just love Mustangs, then this is the Club for you.  We are glad you are checking us out. Feel free to explore our website and check us out from one end to the other.  Click on the internal links too, they may surprise you.  If you have any questions, please click on any "Contact" button.  If you decide to join us, information on becoming a member can be found by clicking the "Blue Information Logo" link above.  

WHAT ARE WE:  We are an association of Ford Mustang enthusiasts who willingly provide mutual assistance & fellowship to other Arizona Ford Mustang enthusiasts or any person contacting us regardless of age of your Mustang, age of any member, your gender, your race, your color or your religion.  All family members are welcome because your Mustang is actually the official member of this club. 

A BIT OF HISTORY:  To begin the process of getting a new Mustang Club going in the Scottsdale area, "Uncle" Jim stepped up the end of 2006 and formed the "Arizona Mustang Car Club [AZMCC]" because there was no local Mustang Club for the local Mustang Enthusiasts.   

WHO ARE WE TODAY:   When Uncle Jim became the Founder and Director of the newest Mustang  Club in Arizona, he decided to name the new club to differentiate it from any past Mustang Clubs in Arizona by naming it simply the "Arizona Mustang Car Club" and using the acronym "AZMCC" on everything related to the new Association.  Uncle Jim's membership number is 001 to identify him as the first member and Founder of the new Mustang Club.

WHAT ELSE TO KNOW:  Uncle Jim designed the official Club Logo similar to as it appears at the top of this page.  It is identified as a horse-head-style.  It also contains the acronym "AZMCC" inserted near the middle.  The logo is noted on all AZMCC related items and has been publicly copyrighted© in Uncle Jim's full legal name.  You can contact us through established AZMCC USPS address which is listed below and elsewhere on the AZMCC website.  You can read how Uncle Jim got his nickname by clicking on his name on the Members Roster page.

WHAT ABOUT THE WEBSITE:  Our official website was created by Uncle Jim and the Club name was officially and legally inserted into the Worldwide Web [WWW] internet and hosted by "GoDaddy".  The AZMCC website goes thru changes often, so anyone using it should not only enjoy surfing thru it's pages, but always remember to "refresh" any computer page you visit often to ensure the latest site updates are up and running.  

The AZMCC Website will keep all of us in touch with events, activities, tell us if someone is in need of help or personal assistance concerning their Mustang.  The website includes links to internet forums the
AZMCC is associated with in regards to the namesake of the AZMCC, the Ford Mustang.  Any suggestions and/or ideas to improve the AZMCC website are welcome.  The Webmaster link is identified below.

HOW DO WE FUNCTION FOR OUR MEMBERS:  Uncle Jim has introduced a document called an "AZMCC Guidelines Manual".   It is available for all current and prospective members to review.  It describes 17 points of interest for making the AZMCC function for it's members and their families and guests as well as current and prospective sponsors.  This document is not written as a strict "black and white" rule book, but rather as a Guideline as it is titled so all our Members have an idea of how we work for their benefit.

WHO SUPPORTS THE AZMCC:  We have a Ford Dealership sponsor as well as other Accessory, Used Parts, Exhaust Systems and Automotive Shops to choose from.  The list changes, but you can go to the AZMCC "Links" page and find out how to contact any of our official club sponsors.

The AZMCC's Official Ford Dealership is:

You can take a look at AutoNation Ford's AZMCC Web Pages by clicking on the following Button: 







An additional two [2] pages are offered free to each AZMCC Member.  When photo's are received by our Webmaster, the Members name as included on the Club  Roster will show a link to their pages.  Their name will be underlined showing a link to their "Members Ride" page.  The Members Ride page is dedicated to their personal Mustang[s] including pictures and information on changes or additions they have made.  Click on the camera to the right to contact the webmaster about your photo's.  The other page is set up as a "Member's Profile" page of the Member describing themselves, their family if they choose, and their hobbies for example.  Both additional pages are accessible by name from the Membership Roster or the Members Profile PageClick on the Profile reminder to the right to see the current Member Profile Pages posted.



NOTE 1:  There are no mandatory requirements to be a Membership in the AZMCC except having the minimum amount of automobile insurance as dictated by each members State of Residence, however, Arizona laws prevail!  Members are not required to attend Meetings, Events, or any activities offered to our AZMCC Membership.  Many Members join us for the discounts and information they can obtain on their Mustang.  They have the option of attending anything the AZMCC does or any activities of other Mustang Clubs the AZMCC supports.

NOTE 2:  Not all AZMCC Members will be listed on the On-Line Roster.  Each Member has the option to be listed or not be listed on the Website Roster Page. All new Members will have their Personal Mustang Page and their Personal Profile Page added as soon as information and photo's are received by the Webmaster.  PLEASE SEND YOUR PHOTO'S TO OUR WEBMASTER OR YOUR TWO PAGES WILL NOT BE POSTED!

NOTE 3:  Any additional donations not classified as Membership Dues will be accepted by the AZMCC Club Treasurer from any AZMCC Member, AZMCC Sponsor or other sources and used to help defray costs associated with AZMCC Club operations.  This would include, but is not limited to, items such as paper, printer ink, laminate for badges, merchandise ordering, small door prizes and other items for use at any approved AZMCC Event or Activity.

NOTE 4:  Any questions about use of funds should be directed to the AZMCC Director.  Please remember, the AZMCC is a non-profit organization. We are not 501C Federal Income Tax affiliated, but are subject to paying per both Federal Laws and Laws of Arizona in regards to purchases and Club funding and use of Club funds.  If our Membership and Sponsors do not help fund the AZMCC we will be limited to the Activities we can furnish our Membership.  Any questions should be directed to the Founder and Webmaster Jim Petersen at any time.  Any and all questions are welcome!

NOTE 5:  This is important, please remember, DO NOT SEND CASH to the AZMCC thru the U.S. Post Office mail system.  Membership Applications as well as Additional Contributions should be made payable to the Arizona Mustang Car Club or the AZMCC and mailed to:

Arizona Mustang Car Club [AZMCC]
Post Office Box 2874
Scottsdale, Arizona  85252-2874


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